My Latest Obsession: Live Clean Fresh Water Moisturizing Hand Cream

Having dry hands is one of my biggest beauty pet peeves. I can’t stand having stratchy, tight skin on my hands. The worst is when it gets so dry and rough that it starts catching on your clothes. It’s enough to drive me right around the bend. I think it’s a hand-me-down from my mom. One of my most promiment mom memories is how soft her hands always were (and still are!). Her tried and true moisturizer for her hands and face was Noxema. (Until I looked up that link I had no idea it was actually a cleanser!). While I don’t hold as fast with Noxema as my mom does, I have followed in her footsteps with constant hand moisturizing.

I work in an office and we are far from paperless so the moisture just gets sucked right out of my skin. I generally keep a lotion on my desk, one in my purse and several more at home. They are all non-greasy formulas except the one I put on at night before bed. Handing so much paper and a variety of hand held devices doesn’t so go well if your hands are always slippery and greasy.

I generally favor heavier scents. I have Bath and Body Works Sensual Amber on my desk right now and tossed out an empty Warm Vanilla Sugar from my purse before I started using the Live Clean Fresh Water. Unfortunately, while I love these scents, they often are considered too strong by friends and strangers alike. I once had a lady actually get out of the seat next to me and move to the other side of the train (after giving several pointed and slightly angry looks at my hands). Whoops…

I received a tube of Live Clean Fresh Water Moisurizing Hand Cream as part of a prize package from Lisamarie over at Beauty Crazed in Canada and it instantly became my new obsession.  I was familiar with Live Clean products but I hadn’t used anything in this line of scents. Boy was I missing out!


Live Clean Fresh Water Moisturizing Hand Cream

Live Clean Moisturizing Hand Cream blends certified organic botanicals of Rosemary and Chamomile with Hyaluronate (nature’s most powerful moisturizing agent) creating a daily moisture treatment for hands that softens from the inside out. This luscious, non-greasy formula absorbs quickly, leaving hands feeling soft and smooth.

The smell is absolutely amazing! It’s so light and fresh. Perfect for summer! The texture of the cream is nice too. It’s a thinner cream and absorbs fairly quickly. It’s super moisturizing without being overly greasy like most ultra-moisturizing lostions are. I can’t say it leaves your hands feeling completley grease free but it’s not bad enough to be annoying. In fact I can’t even say it leaves your hands greasy at all but you can tell there’s a new layer of moisture there.

For some reason Live Clean doesn’t have this particular product on their website but I found it for sale online at Walmart and, among others. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out at the stores for when my current tube runs out.

Not only does this product smell fantastic and moisturize like the best of them, it’s from a company with a really cool mission.

Our mission is to provide a line of products that contribute to a greener planet and perform at the highest level. Live Clean is a unique eco-friendly beauty care line that delivers exceptional results using natural, plant based ingredients. Live Clean formulations are made with a minimum of 96% replenishable, renewable and sustainable plant ingredients…as good for the earth as they are for your body. Go Green without compromising performance.

live simple. live beautiful. live clean.

It’s nice when great beauty products fall in line with trying to keep a healthy planet.

What’s your beauty pet peeve?

What are your ‘go to’ scents for hand or body lotions?

Getting My Feet Wet

My husband has been encouraging me to start a blog for a while now. I’m not entirely sure why, perhaps just because I read so many of them. Or maybe so I’ll stop nattering at him about so many things and start nattering at you instead. Either way, here I am.

I created this blog and then didn’t have a clue what to do with it! So I’m just getting my feet wet. I guess I’ll start with telling you a little about myself and what you might see around here. I doubt anyone is going to find themselves here reading this post any time soon but perhaps my future readers will poke through the archives some day and discover something new about me. If you do find yourself here sometime soon (even if you’re just lost) it’s nice to meet you!

I’m a 30-something lady living on the West Coast of Canada. I’ve got a 30-something American husband who’s originally from Southern California. We met playing World of Warcraft (yup, we’re nerds) and have been married for almost 3 years. Someday I’ll tell you the story about how we fell in love (he kept standing in clouds). Mike is an amazing husband who spoils me terribly and puts up with my many flaws without much complaining. We both have successful careers that I will likely never talk about because… boring!

We’ve got two loveable little mutts. Benji is a transplant from Southern California as well and is the most tenacious dog I’ve ever seen. God forbid you give him a few pets and then try to stop. He will not give up trying to get his head back underneath your hand! Otis has the most sad eyes. He’s a rescue and was abused pretty badly as a pup. He’s got some serious anxiety issues but we’re working on them. He adores Mike and goes crazy when he gets home from work! We love both our pups to bits!


The day after Otis came home with us. His fur was so matted they had to shave him right down to his skin. Poor guy had razor burn all over!

I’ve got a bit of a make-up hobby. I’m still learning! And by that I mean I still have no clue how to really use an eye-liner pencil or what to do with bronzer but I’m practicing. You’ll probably see reviews and other beauty related posts around here. I’ve got a couple of Beauty Box subscriptions that I’ll likely be chatting about every month at least.

Food! Mike and I both love food. We follow a mostly Paleo diet at home so chances are good you’ll see recipe reviews. I’m not creative enough to make up my own recipes but I do like to cook and will share links and outcomes on the stuff I find interesting around the internet. Neither of us have allergies or other medical reasons for choosing a Paleo lifestyle… we just find the concepts appealing and it gets more veggies and less crap in our bodies. This is NOT a Paleo blog so there may be foods that are only Paleo-ish or even full non-Paleo foods showing up. Fair warning given.

Books, TV, Movies. I read… a lot. I couldn’t even begin to count the number of books I’ve read in my lifetime. Actually I could, but I don’t want to. It’s a big number. I like all kinds of books. Romance, mystery/crime, SciFi, Fantasy, a combination of any of the aforementioned. I like to read books but I’m not sure how much I want to write about them. Actually I think it’s more a case of I’m not sure how much other people want to read about them. I tend to skip those posts when other bloggers post them so we’ll have to see.

Mike and I have date night at the movies quite often. We’ve become quite enamored with the VIP theatres at our local cinema, mostly for the comfy seats and extra leg/elbow room. There may be a movie review or two kicking around here eventually. More likely though, it will be a post about a bunch of movies I’ve seen recently. I can’t imagine writing an entire blog post about one movie (same goes for books).

I kind of have a love/hate relationship with Television shows. I hate being behind on something so if I don’t manage to get on board with the latest ‘It’ show right in the beginning I have trouble getting on board at all. (See: Game of Thrones) If I’m going to catch up on a show that’s several seasons in I want to sit down and watch them all at once and then I can keep up on new shows. There’s several problems with this. The selection on Netflix Canada sucks! We don’t have access to Hulu or any of those other great systems our neighbours to the South have (this is a common complaint from the hubs). We also don’t have a subscription to HBO at home so even if I did manage to catch up I wouldn’t be able to stay caught up. That said, I do enjoy The Big Bang Theory, Castle, Touch and a good reality show. Terrible guilty pleasure, I know.

I guess that’s about it for now. I’ve got lots of ideas rolling around in my head so hopefully you’ll see an abundance of posts in the near future.